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When Panasonic systems appear in system diagrams, they are blocked, and the chronometer's LED light will pulsate on the front dial. If this climate device with a multisplit supply system, then it is necessary to decode the code abbreviations of faults in a separate order. H11 - There is no interaction between the outdoor and plug-in unit, the management boards do not work.

H16 - low current consumption by the outdoor unit - lack of cooler, open circuit, failure of the external module board, malfunction of the IPM device of the power type. H19 - violation of the operating mode of the fan motor of the built-in unit - possible objects: power plant, board or wiring connector.

H39 - violation of the mode of connecting the wires and circuits of multi-split systems, the defect of the solenoid valve of the external unit.

F17 - formation of ice on the built-in unit in standby mode, the error appears on the frozen block. F91 - the violation of the operating parameters of the refrigeration system circuit, the use of protective functions for low pressure. F96 - excess of temperature of heating of the engine compartment, for multi-split systems - activation of a temperature sensor.

F99 - the error of the DC protective system, possible situations: compressor failure, defect of the transistor system, current detector of the outdoor unit board, low resistance of compressor windings. Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Codes.When error codes appear on your Samsung AC this tells the you there is a problem.

Panasonic air conditioner error codes

Knowing the error code definition will help you to understand the error code and what you need to do to fix your Samsung AC. Inv Micom Main Micom. Looking for parts for your Samsung Air Conditioner? Samsung AC Parts Here. C when cooling mode. C when in heating mode.

panasonic ac error code pdf

PDF file with troubleshooting, error codes, led light blinking definitions, schematics, and more technical information. Please leave a comment or question below and we will assist you in fixing your AC. Tagged as:. What does this error indicate? Derrick L. Harding, We just added a full service manual for Samsung AC units. Our Samsung Split system air conditioner displays E4 58 error and switches off.

At times it binks between errors A 0 and E What do we need to do to fix this error?

Panasonic Air Conditioner Error Codes

It gave an Error Code E9. Can you tell me what that is. Could not find code in listing. How do you correct? Does anyone know how to fix this?


I am facing an alarm E which is for fan failure. Replaced all the control board for indoor and outdoor along with the indoor fan motor but still the same. The indoor fan runs with the slow speed with the outdoor compressor but after 1 minute the alarm come and the whole unit is shut down. E and UC8 repetitively flashes on the display.

We have a client with a Samsung ducted unit model RCFHXEH it is showing an E error the compressor does not sound great and it is not running at full speed and is running at KPA suction pressure, the outdoor fans are only running at 50 percent capacity and when it goes into the fault mode the outdoor fans run at full speed even when the wall control is turned off. Our Split system air conditioner displays E4 58 error and switches off. Hi I have a samsung unit giving me an error code any way you or some one can help?

panasonic ac error code pdf

Test items 1 Check the open state of the outdoor unit service valve.It is also possible to change the logic. Note that for some signals, assignment is limited.

panasonic ac error code pdf

For details, see 2 "Change the default assignment for input signals. Category No. Set this parameter with the hexadecimal system. The logic cannot be changed for the output pins. Example Pr0. This section describes basic settings for position control. Using this function allows arbitrary setting of the motor revolution and distance per unit input command pulse and increase of a command pulse frequency when the required motor speed cannot be obtained due to the limit to the controller pulse output capability.

Specifies the FIR filter time constant for a position command. If the output source is an encoder, the phase Z signal is output one time per rotation of the motor. This signal is turned on when the absolute value of the deviation counter value in position control is in the in-position range specified with the parameter. Settings such as including in the criteria whether or not a position command has been given are also available. Turning the INH input on forces the servo drive to ignore the command pulse input and the pulse counting does not take place.

This function is disabled by the factory setting. Before use, change the setting of Pr5. For detailed specifications of the regenerative resistor.

Setting Mode Description 0 Invalid The real-time auto tuning function is disabled. Category Parameter No. However, if the function is not available due to load conditions or restrictions of operating patterns, or if best responses and stability is needed suitable for device characteristics, manual readjustment may be required. This section describes the manual tuning function with different subsections for the individual control modes and functions as shown below.

The following describes the procedures for specifying related parameters when using the gain switching function under those conditions. When switching from 2nd gain to 1st gain, the switching conditions must be satisfied during a period of switching delay time. Hysteresis Cancelled because the conditions are not satisfied. In that case, specifying a higher gain or reducing vibrations is made possible by suppressing a resonance peak with the notch filter.

Parameter Setup range Unit Function No. Of the four frequency settings, up to two can be used simultaneously. Parameter Setup range Unit Function Specifying the mode for switching between four filters used for damping control. Category 2 2 2 2 18 19 20 21 Setup range Parameter No. By specifying a higher gain for a specified period of time just before stopping, settling time for positioning can be shorter.

The use of this function will prevent collision with the machine end caused by motor oscillation.Should there be an error in Panasonic air conditioners, they are deactivated and a light emitting diode starts to blink on the panel. If there is a multi-split system, one needs to read off error codes separately for each inner block. One can decipher Panasonic air error codes with the help of the table provided below. Without ignoring a malfunction message, you do not exacerbate a problem of repairs, which means repairs will not be complex and costly.

F Noise filter circuit capacitor error. Outdoor unit main PCB. F Low pressure protection Refrigerant cycle, 2 or 3-way valve close, insufficient refrigerant. F High pressure protection Refrigerant cycle, 2 or 3-way valve close, overcharged refrigerant.

F Indoor unit freezing error Abnormal indoor unit expansion valve. F Total current protection Compressor locked, refrigerant cyde.

F Compressor discharge temperature protection Insufficient refrigerant. F High pressure switch disconnection error High pressure switch lead wire, outdoor unit main PCB. F Indoor liquid pipe temperature sensor error Indoor liquid pipe temperature sensor lead wire, indoor unit main PCB.

F Remote control thersistor error Remote control thermistor. F Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor error Indoor heat exchanger temperature sensor lead wire, indoor unit main PCB. F Indoor gas pipe temperature sensor error Indoor gas pipe temperature sensor lead wire, indoor unit main PCB. F Indoor address double registration error Indoor unit address. F Indoor unit freezing error. Abnormal indoor unit expansion valve, indoor unit heat exchanger sensor. Alarm code E06 Alarm meaninq Outdoor unit failed to receive serial communication siqnals from indoor unit.

Alarm conditions No serial communications from indoor unit Probable cause 1 The indoor unit power was cut OFF after initial communications were completed.

Check Check the power at the indoor and outdoor units, and check the inter-unit control wirinq. Notes This alarm is detected after initial communications are completed. Therefore, it does not occur in cases of 'disconnected serial connector V no terminal unit set, or other trouble that occurs before initial communications are completed. If initial communications have not been completed, alarm E04 occurs.

Alarm code E12 Alarm meaning Automatic address setting start is prohibited. Alarm conditions Automatic address setting was started when automatic address setting was in progress at another outdoor unit in the same link. Probable cause Automatic address setting is in progress at another outdoor unit.Page of Go. Page 31 - Output Signals Common and their Functi Page 32 - Output Signals Others and their Functi Page 70 - The rotation is not smooth Page 71 - Positioning accuracy is bad Page 72 - The initial home position varies Page 73 - The motor produces an abnormal sound and Page - Interface Cables for controller connecti Page - Communication Cables for connection to Table of Contents.

Show quick links. Hide Hide permanently. Hybrid ip-pbx kx-ns kx-ns series power supply unit addition 20 pages. Panasonic ac servo motor and driver instruction manual pages. Panasonic ac geared-motor operating manual 3 pages.

Video intercom system - power supply unit 12 pages. Page Preparations And Adjustments 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 Page 46 Gear Page 48 1. Turn on the power. Check LED status. LED color Green Main power is on. Amplifier power is on.

Orange Flashing when warning occurs. Actioon OK? Abnormal sound or vibration occurs. Return gain adjustment rotary switch GAIN to original position. Turn CCW. Action OK? Adjust gain adjustment rotary switch to "0" position.

Daikin Air-Conditioner Error Codes

Automatic adjustment automatic gain tuning Normal auto gain tuning Actioon OK? Page 68 The voltage of the power is correct? Is the power fed? Power line connections firmly secured? Abnormal sound from the motor? The magnetic brake improperly activated?The self-diagnostics system of the air conditioners by Panasonic displays error codes on the display of the infrared remote control and on the wall-mounted remote control or sends a signal via blink codes. The list of error codes, their interpretation, and the troubleshooting methods for each error code are specified.

For example, the unit may be producing warm air only. If you have just purchased the AC, this is going to be a warranty case and you can have it fixed for free. F91 indicates a refrigeration issue. Most likely, there is a refrigerator leak or a problem with the 3-way electronic valve. You can try switching these valves from switch to cool several times. Some users say that it helps at least for a little while. It takes a bit of professional help to replace the valves and fix the problem.

Not unlikely, more adjustments will be needed. Also, it is possible to temporarily unblock these valves with the help of a strong magnet. This would require disassembling the outdoor unit. However, this cannot be an all-time solution, and the valves will need to be replaced sooner or later.

The F99 error code appears when there is an issue in the power transistor module or compressor. The problem requires professional assistance and use of specific equipment. If you see the error on the display, please, address your local repair service provider.

The E04 error code occurs when there have been lots of fuser jams. Take off the fuser and check the separator claws and heat roller. Then put the fuser back in its place and reset the fuser using the F mode. Press and hold the Function key. While holding it, press the Original Size Ledger key, hold these down and press the 3 key.

Now you are in the service mode. Press Stop. Press and hold the Function key and press Clear to exit the service mode. The H00 fault code may indicate an issue with either the outdoor or indoor controller or both. Check the system by cutting off power for about five minutes. Turn it on again and see what happens next. If the issue persists, do the following:.

H11 occurs due to improper connection between the indoor and outdoor units. Also, it can be caused by a PCB issue.

Daikin Air-Conditioner Error Codes

This type of error appears when the system fails to monitor the exchange of data between the units or between their components and the PCBs.

Panasonic air conditioner error codes. Contents Panasonic f11 fault code Panasonic f91 error code Panasonic f99 error code Panasonic e04 fault code Panasonic h00 error code Panasonic h11 error code Panasonic h12 error code. When was air conditioning invented? What does a condenser do in an air conditioner?In the process of using Panasonic air conditioner, it is inevitable that there will be cases of errors or problems. The error code of Panasonic air conditioner and the way of checking and diagnosing below will partly help you to be more proactive when the air conditioner in the house "falls ill".

Picture 1 Panasonic air conditioner error code, air conditioner: How to check and diagnose download this picture HERE. Usually air conditioning, Panasonic air conditioning does not have a display, so when an error occurs the user will be difficult to identify.

If you see the indicator light blinking, or the timer light blinks continuously, the conditioner is experiencing an error. You can then check errors with the following steps:. Picture 2 Panasonic air conditioner error code, air conditioner: How to check and diagnose download this picture HERE.

Below is the most common Panasonic air conditioner error code table. You can refer to know the status of the failure of the air conditioner in the family and quickly find out the solution. In addition, while searching, you will see some errors that are not included in the Panasonic air conditioner error code above.

These are errors that cannot be identified by the control function. If you find an error, if you cannot find a solution, contact the customer care center right away or if it is still within the warranty period, contact the product supplier for instructions on how to handle it. Hope the article will be useful for you!

Thank you for taking the time to follow up! Disney Plus came out with fans' eagerness, but not everyone has a great time with this app. There are lots of reports about bugs and crashes. Error code 4 - Transaction problem Disney Plus is not free. This error is related to your account. You may need to log out and log back in to see if the problem is fixed and Home Electric Air conditioning.

Panasonic air conditioner error code, air conditioner: How to check and diagnose. The error code of Panasonic air conditioner and the way of checking and diagnosing below will partly help you to be more proactive when the air conditioner in the house is sick.

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